Getting Ready to Decorate for the Holiday Season

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These days, you have to start getting ready for the holiday season in October! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all come along one right after the other. It helps to start getting ready before Halloween so then you aren’t stressed out when each holiday comes.

Start by taking inventory of all your decorations to see what you have and if it is all in good condition/still working. Strands of lights might not work any more, things made of paper may be torn, and some stuff just may be worn out.

This year, I started taking stock of what I had and found that I had Christmas lights, but I decided I wanted to hang some orange Halloween lights too. So I went and ordered some and started to put them up. I didn’t want to put nails on my house so I figured I’d hang them from the gutter. Well, we had gutter guards put on the house recently so it wasn’t so easy.

So I went online and started researching ways to do it and came across these hooks:

Original Christmas Hook's

They worked perfectly! There’s also a video here showing how to use them. You can also buy them there. Oh, you can buy the orange Halloween lights there too! I had already bought mine, but there’s other holiday stuff on that site as well. Once you put these hooks on, they’ll already be there for Christmas!

Anyway, once you get all your decorations out, make sure and put them all in some storage bins or something and label them so next time it will be easier. I just got the big plastic ones with a lid from Target. Pretty inexpensive and easier to keep organized.

Once you’re all organized, half the battle is done. Now you can take your time and decorate a little at a time for each holiday. Put up Halloween lights one day, then some spooky decorations another day, then carve the pumpkin another day. Boom! All done. Then rinse and repeat for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After each holiday, put it all up in the labeled containers and store them somewhere easy to get to and where you can read the labels. Now you’re ready for next year!